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Zhao Haishan, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin, and his entourage visited Far East Horizon

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2017-11-14


November 8, 2017, Zhao Haishan, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin Municipal People's Government, Shen Lei, Director of Tianjin Dongjiang Bonded Port Area Administrative Committee, and Wang Hongmei, Deputy Director of Tianjin Municipal Government Cooperation and Exchange Office visited the Far East Horizon. Kong Fanxing, President of Far East Horizon, Wang Mingzhe, Chief Financial Officer, Wang Ruisheng, Vice President, and Wu Zhijun, Vice President and General Manager of Medical and Health Group, were present at the meeting. Both sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the development, strategy and future layout of Far East Horizon. 

Since the establishment of a financial leasing platform in Dongjiang in December 2013, the strategic cooperation between Far East Horizon and Tianjin has continued to deepen. At the meeting, Wang Mingzhe, Chief Financial Officer, briefed Mayor Zhao Haishan and his entourage on the development course of Far East Horizon in the past 16 years, its business model, medium and long-term goals, and summarized its operation in Tianjin. Its assets on local financial leasing platform have surpassed 70 billion yuan, with 106 registered platforms of various types, a total registered capital of more than 16 billion yuan, and have become an important representative of innovative financial industry in Tianjin.

Afterwards, President Kong Fanxing elaborated on the current development of Far East Horizon and the progress of the "financial + industrial" strategy. He pointed out that Far East Horizon, as one of the central enterprises marching toward market orientation, has created a development road with Chinese characteristics. Kong stressed that in the future, Far East Horizon will adhere to innovation in the direction of finance and industry, continue to highlight the service features of B2B in the financial sector, speed up the layout of industries such as medical treatment, construction and education and form an industry linkage, and thus Tianjin will become Far East Horizon strategic center in northern China.

In Tianjin, Deputy Mayor Zhao affirmed the accomplishments, business philosophy and strategic direction that Far East Horizon has achieved so far, especially its original intention that it has been determined to devote its efforts to serving the entity industry over the years.

May Zhao expressed that the Nineteenth Congress has further clarified the major national strategy of "coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei", including the positioning of Tianjin as "a demonstration area for financial innovation and operation". It is not a mere financial innovation but a combination with industry in line with Far East Horizon strategy.

This time, he paid a special visit to Far East Horizon with relevant departments, first of all, they would like to express their gratitude, on behalf of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Tianjin Municipal Government, to Far East Horizon for its healthy development in Tianjin and its leading role in the financial leasing section of Tianjin Free Trade Zone. Secondly, he praised the enterprises like Far East Horizon as the leaders in the industry, which fully demonstrated the value of financial innovation and the importance of "finance + industry", and played an exemplary effect in financial leasing and the industry layout. Therefore, Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have attached great importance and will continue to care about, concern and support the development of innovative businesses in Far East Horizon so as to enable it to grow into a benchmark and demonstration enterprise and to fill in the gap for financial innovations in Tianjin.

He hoped that Far East Horizon could take advantage of such a good momentum already formed in the north, in Tianjin, gather more resources, carry out more innovative practices and businesses in the future and realize a mutual development in the north and in Tianjin.

Shen Lei, Director of Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Area Administrative Committee, also expressed her thanks to Far East Horizon for its trust, its financial and industrial support in Dongjiang. In the future, Dongjiang will make efforts to serve such outstanding enterprises as Far East Horizon as repeatedly requested by Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and Mayor Zhao. She also praised President Kong Fanxing as "a thinker in the financial leasing industry".

Accompanied by the leaders of the Company, Tianjin Government delegation also visited Far East Horizon Cultural Corridor. Mayor Zhao expressed his appreciation for the concept of "gathering global resources to boost the Chinese industry" in Far East Horizon corporate culture and looked forward to a closer cooperation between the two sides.