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Far East Horizon opened another office in Urumqi

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2017-10-13


Far East Horizon held a simple but solemn opening ceremony in its new office in Urumqi, which makes the 18th Far East Horizon office. President Kong Fanxing represented the Company headquarters and gathered together with local colleagues to celebrate the establishment of Urumqi office. Wang Weijun, General Manager of Asset Management Department, and Liu Jiandong, Standing Deputy General Manager of the Group attended the meeting. 

Far East Horizon in the far west of China

At the ceremony, Du Shaojun, Director of the Urumqi Office, delivered a speech on behalf of the office. In his opinion, the establishment of the office marked the company's growing emphasis on the Xinjiang market and prepared for further deepening of its exploration. In Xinjiang, such a large province in northwestern China, he is optimistic about its humanities and business environment with profound historical background and full potential for future development. As for the colleagues in Urumqi, it also represents a good opportunity.

Of course, the future is full of challenges. Our colleagues in Urumqi will also be prepared to conquer difficulties and accomplish the mission of opening up the market in Xinjiang.

Lastly, on behalf of the office, he promised that he would always uphold the spirit of the Far East Horizon, promote the corporate culture of "one army, one school and one family" and build a westernmost Far East Horizon home in Urumqi, and make more contributions to the Company. 

Seize the opportunity and take up the market 

Far East Horizon is a pioneering platform. In the past dozen years, Far East Horizon people have started from scratch, inspired countless souls and had many Far East Horizon people fulfill their dreams. Looking to the future, Far East Horizon will have even more pro

Subsequently, President Kong Fanxing gave speeches at the office for ribbon cutting, plaque display and flag presentation. He first extended his greetings to all the colleagues in the Urumqi Office and thanked them for being away from their families and working hard for the cause.

President Kong said that he had deep roots and feelings with Xinjiang. He received his high school education in Xinjiang and started his first job in Xinjiang. More than two decades later, he was very excited for this visit again, to witness the opening of an office in Urumqi, Xinjiang and a step forward of the Company on this land. Considering the importance of this opening, President Kong has brought his wife to participate in and witness the ceremony.

He pointed out that Far East Horizon is developing stably in the east of China and rising in the west. Xinjiang is a strategic point in the northwest, so all members in Urumqi should seize opportunities to take up the market. All Far East Horizon people are making unremitting efforts for the company, and so will the company do for return, so that the two enter into a harmonious cycle and gain a win-win situation.

As a large province in northwestern China, Xinjiang occupies one sixth of the country's territory together with its 14 prefectures, states, cities and 89 counties under its jurisdiction. In recent years, Xinjiang has enjoyed social stability and occupied an important position in the national strategy of "One Belt and One Road" with strong development momentum. Urumqi Office is the Company's 18th office. In the strategic thinking of "multi-wheel drive and deep exploration", Urumqi Office is bound to be the key object for the Company. 

Far East Horizon is a pioneering platform. In the past dozen years, Far East Horizon people have started from scratch, inspired countless souls and had many Far East Horizon people fulfill their dreams. Looking to the future, Far East Horizon will have even more promising prospects and will call for more outstanding people to participate in it. Therefore, it hopes that all its colleagues in Urumqi will work together with the company to win new glories.

After the speech, President Kong and the Office Director jointly unveiled the brand and cut the ribbon. After that, President Kong solemnly granted the Company flag to Du Shaojun, Director of the Office, and encouraged him to work together with his colleagues, to keep on exploring in Urumqi. Finally, the Office colleagues solemnly and successively signed their names on the flag, and swore to make progress together with the Company.

At the end of the ceremony, President Kong, Company leaders and Office colleagues held a toast to celebrate Urumqi's promising future and took a group photo. 


National Office Layout of Far East Horizon

Since its establishment for more than 10 years, Far East Horizon has always insisted on deep plowing the industry as per business units and formed a tradition of serving its customers in depth so as to meet their needs. In this way, it has built up a strong ability of organizing and integrating market resources.

Since the establishment of Changsha Office, its first office in 2005, Far East Horizon has always insisted on steady operation, and has set up a nationwide layout at the speed of 1 to 2 offices each year. So far, it has had nationwide offices in 18 central cities.

Far East Horizon people's footprints have covered all over the vast land of China. They have kept a close touch with China's basic real industry, and always held in mind "gathering global resources to boost Chinese industry".