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Far East Horizon reelected "Fortune" China Top 500

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2017-08-04

Recently, China Top 500 list has been released for "Fortune" 2017 and Far East Horizon was re-selected.

In this "Fortune" China Top 500 list, Far East Horizon is still maintaining its steady and vigorous momentum, and showing a strong competitive edge in the net profit, operating income and other data. Far East Horizon ranked 140th in the Fortune 500 with its net profit of 2.8 billion yuan, and 424th for its 139 billion yuan in revenue. 

In this list, Far East Horizon retains a number of "first positions". Among all types of innovative financial enterprises and those with financial leasing for the primary business, Far East Horizon ranked the first in profit revenue.

This "Fortune" China Top 500 list covers all Chinese companies listed in China and overseas, and its ranking is based on the information formally disclosed in all stock exchanges.

Seen from the list, Far East Horizon shares similar operating income with Baolong Real Estate (No. 410) and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group (No. 418). However, Far East Horizon has surpassed Shanghai Shimao, Hangzhou Bank, ANTA Sports and other famous Chinese companies in its business income.

On the other hand, Far East Horizon still maintains a steady growth in profitability. The enterprises that have similar profitability as Far East Horizon are Hainan Airlines (No. 130), Hailan Home (No. 132) and China Railcom (No. 134), while Far East Horizon has surpassed Sunac, Vipshop and other famous enterprises in its net profit.

In July 2016, Far East Horizon was selected for the first time by Fortune 500 in China, and continued to retain the list this year, which means that its business scale has entered the ranks of China's large enterprises.

16 years ago, the Company had only 11 employees with a book loss of more than 38 million yuan, and is now ranked among the Fortune 500 in China. Far East Horizon is advancing on the road in steady paces.

In the future, Far East Horizon will create values for all parties through continuous, effective and constant development with the vision of "building an excellent enterprise". Far East Horizon will adhere to upgrade the innovative mode of "finance + industry", optimize the layout of assets industry in traditional financial business, strengthen asset risk management, control and effectively safeguard the asset safety. At the same time, it will actively accelerate industrial expansion, realize an organic coordination between financial business and industrial operation, and make contributions to China's industrial upgrading.