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On 21 October 2016, the roof of the Far East Horizon Plaza structure was completed, and a topping out ceremony was held in Pudong, Shanghai. President Kong Fanxing led the entire leadership team of Far East Horizon in the topping out ceremony, and those in attendance also came from the China Construction Eighth Engineering Corp., Ltd., the Shanghai Design Institute, the Shanghai Shang'an Mechanical And Electrical Design Office Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tongji Engineering Consultancy Co., Ltd., Mei Te Curtain Wall System, Atkins, Langdon and Seah as well as other leaders and guests from renowned units involved in the construction. The ceremony was hosted by Far East Horizon Vice President, Wang Ruisheng.



At the ceremony, looking back over the past couple of years, Vice President Wang Ruisheng talked about how the people at Far East Horizon started from scratch and built this great building through sweat and toil. He also expressed gratitude to each unit involved in the construction of the Far East Horizon Plaza. In closing, he also raised expectations for subsequent building work, hoping that everyone involved in the construction would keep striving. Together, he said, we are creating a high quality building that is dignified, elegant, modern and expansive, and will serve Far East Horizon as it grows over the next several decades.



Amid warm applause, President Kong Fanxing also came on stage to say a few words. He talked about his memories from 2001, when Far East Horizon moved from Shenyang to Shanghai. Everything had to be started from scratch, and the company had to make its home among the giant, glittering metropolis. After 15 years of struggle and hard work, being able to give all the Far East Horizon people in Shanghai both a material and spiritual home filled President Kong with emotion: “This represents a milestone for Far East Horizon in Shanghai in establishing our presence here, and it is a milestone for all the people at Far East Horizon that have done so much for the company. This building is our shared offspring.” President Kong then made a bow, expressing his deep thanks to all the personnel involved in the Far East Horizon Plaza construction project, as well as the Far East Horizon employees getting ready for battle on the front lines all across the country. Finally, he enjoined all the Far East Horizon personnel to stick to their dreams, persevere in moving forward, and continue the struggle for the company's business.



After that, the honored guests participated in the final topping on ceremony for the Far East Horizon Plaza, which involved shoveling some dirt. A festive atmosphere ensued with electronic party guns and colored streamers. Wielding a golden shovel, the honored guests filled a golden hanging scoop with earth. The hanging scoop was then lifted to the roof of the building, ending the topping on ceremony with a flourish.