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Cornerstone Laying Ceremony Held for Far East Horizon Plaza

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2015-04-02


On the morning of March 15, the Far East Horizon Plaza Cornerstone Laying Ceremony was held in grand fashion at the Far East Horizon Plaza project site on a lot in Yaohua, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The event was hosted by Far East Horizon Ltd. Vice President Wang Ruisheng and attended by CEO Kong Fanxing and all members of the company’s senior management. The Groundbreaking Ceremony was also attended by members of the President’s Office and the Construction Planning and Development Office, as well as representatives of the builders for the project.




The ceremony was simple yet solemn, with colored flags fluttering onsite and the sound of firecrackers going off. Everyone attending the ceremony was excited to witness this historic moment in Far East Horizon’s history and experience the majestic roar of the foundation drilling machine as it was started up at the ceremony.


CEO Kong Fanxing gave an emotional speech at the ceremony, where he chronicled the key events in Far East Horizon’s southern move over a decade ago, and the hardships and toil experienced by the first generation of founders. He shared the glorious success of Far East Horizon and explained how the spirit of Far East Horizon was gradually formed through the practice of doing business over the last several years. In his speech, Mr. Kong declared that Far East Horizon Plaza is a material and spiritual vehicle bequeathed to later generations by the first generation of founders, and a spiritual monument created by the founders of the company with the spirit and wealth of Far East Horizon. He also said this monument will become a landmark structure on the shores of the Huangpu River and a beautiful sight to behold on the waterfront.

 The simple yet solemn Groundbreaking Ceremony marked the formal beginning of the actual construction phase for Far East Horizon Plaza. For everyone at the Far East Horizon family, their dreams of a home for their company are slowly becoming reality.