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Far East Horizon's First Social Responsibility Report Is Officially Released

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2014-11-21


The Far East Horizon 2013 Social Responsibility Report was officially released recently. Far East Horizon was the first to enter Hong Kong’s capital markets as an innovative financial company with financial leasing as its core business. In this capacity, Far East Horizon also leads the industry in its management of various kinds of social risk and in its practice of corporate social responsibility. Based on the experience gathered from its past work on social responsibility, the company is adapting to current trends in corporate management, and is proactively responding to the requirements of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Environment, Society and Governance Report Guidelines by organizing and presenting its work on social responsibility.


The report illustrated the company’s responsibility philosophy of “sharing created value and forging harmonious development”, and featured an overview of the company’s ongoing efforts to better identify social risk and history of proactively responding to and fulfilling its social responsibilities. It also highlighted the company’s main accomplishments in 2013 in the areas of economic responsibility, customer service, professional growth, health and the environment, and philanthropy.

 The Social Responsibility Report shows that Far East Horizon believes that the aspirations of the wider society are intimately connected with those of its management, shareholders and partners, customers and employees, and demonstrates the company’s commitment to building harmonious relationships with everyone involved. Far East Horizon vows that through unceasing self-improvement, even greater benefit and value will be created and shared for all stakeholders.