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Sumitomo Corporation Chairman Kazuo Ohmori visits Far East Horizon

Source:FAR EAST HORIZON CreateTime:2014-11-07

On November 3, the Chairman of Sumitomo Corporation, Kazuo Ohmori, led a team from his company on a visit to Far East Horizon, where he met with CEO Kong Fanxing, members of the management team and individuals in charge of Far East Horizon’s subsidiaries.


This meeting came about through the cooperation between Far East Horizon’s Transportation Business Unit and the Sumitomo Corporation’s shipping business. The two sides share many areas in common in this business category, and have cooperated in the past. As a result, both sides have an interest in learning more about the other and increasing the possibility and necessity of cooperation in other areas, which led to this visit.


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ohmori first gave an overview of Sumitomo Corporation’s ship manufacturing business, and then proceeded to talk about the whole industry chain business that Sumitomo was deploying on a global scale. He also expressed the hope that they could cooperate with Far East Horizon in a greater number of areas. Next to speak was Mr. Kong, who chronicled the history of Far East Horizon’s development and mentioned the unbreakable ties between Japan and the founding of Far East Horizon. Far East Horizon embarked on a new course of entrepreneurship after the company’s southern move to Shanghai that, moreover, was built on the foundation of the Shenyang period, which gradually established a path of development that combined finance and industry. Mr. Kong pointed that Sumitomo was an object of admiration for Far East Horizon, and hoped that this cooperation would be an opportunity for both parties to embark on a course of even greater cooperation.

As the meeting concluded, Mr. Ohmori and Mr. Kong represented their respective companies in exchanging gifts, and posed for a group photo with the assembled team members from both companies.

Founded in 1919, the Sumitomo Corporation is a well-known large-scale conglomerate in Japan, and ranked No. 263 in the global top 500 firms in 2013.